Our Promise

At Avonlea Stud you will be presented with exceptional quality horses to fall in love with and start your journey to success and continued happiness.

A few words about us

Our promise to ourselves and to you.

Theresa has a passion for producing quality horses at an affordable price. You really do get your money’s worth!

We don’t skimp on quality, so why should you!


With the emphasis on quality, our foals health and nutrition is of paramount importance even
before they are conceived. Our mares are well cared for, well fed and well-prepared for developing your future horse. Our friends joke with us about revealing our ‘special recipe’ for creating such healthy, strong and well developed foals. But part of that receipe can’t be found in a produce store or saddlery – our passion & commitment.

Enjoy our website and if you would like to come and visit our horses or have any questions, please just call as we would love to chat with you!